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Road To Exodus
To give people an idea of the progress the project is making i've tried to list to changes and additions that needs to be made before the Exodus game is ready. Not all of the bellow mentioned changes are needed to make the game playable, which is why i will focus on core functions to begin with, and then hopefully start a public game with out having programmed all characters' OPTs, OPGs and drawbacks.

Space battle
- Mark 7 vipers (done)
- Cylon Fleet Board (done)
- Escorting civlians (done)
- new damage tokens basestars (done)

New Location
- CiC (done)
- Airlock (done)
- Main batteries (done)
- Engine roome (done)
- Basestar Bridge (done)
- new new caprica (done)
- new cylon fleet (done)
- new human fleet (done)
- new resurrection (done)

- execution (done)
- pick new character / trauma (done)

- Allies (done)
- Discard trauma (done)
- Draw trauma (done)
- Get trauma in sickbay and brig (done)

- new destinations (done)

- new crisis (done)

The Trial
- everything (done)

New Titles
- nukes (done)
- CAG (done)

New Characters
- Helena Cain (done,done,done)
- Ellen Tigh (done,done,done)
- Louanne "Kat" Katraine (done,done,done)
- Anastasia "Dee" Dualla (done,done,done)
- Cavil
- Leoben Conoy
- Caprica Six (x,done,x)
- Tory Foster (done,done,done)
- Samuel T. Anders (done,done,done)
- Callandra "Cally" Tyrol (done,done,done)
- Felix Gaeta (done,done,done)

Cylon Leader / Sympathetic Cylon
- infiltration
- agendas

Skill Cards
- Support the People (done)
- Preventive Policy (done)
- Red Tape (done)
- Political Prowess (done)
- Major Victory
- At Any Cost (done)
- Iron Will (done)
- State of Emergency (done)
- Guts and Initiative (done)
- Critical Situation (done)
- Trust Instincts (done)
- Scout for Fuel (done)
- Full Throttle (done)
- Run Interference
- Protect the Fleet (done)
- Best of the Best (done)
- Jury Rigged (done)
- Calculations (done - missing COs for most common rolls: raiders being attacked, vipers being attacked)
- Establish Network (done)
- Build Nuke (done)
- Broadcast Location (done)
- By Your Comand (done)
- Special Destiny (done)
- God's Plan (done)
- Sabotage
- Human Weakness (done)

Crisis/Skill check
1. Draw Crisis Card, taking into account Roslin's "Religious Visions" (done)
2. Read Crisis Card (done)
3. Starbuck’s "Secret Destiny" (done)
4. Baltar’s "Delusional Intuition" (done)
5. Current Player Chooses, taking into account Tory's "Amoral" (done)
6. Helo’s "Moral Compass" (done)
7. Boomer’s "Mysterious Intuition" (redo når alle andre er done)
8. Political Prowess (done)
9. Chief of Staff,Arbitrator, Cylon Hatred, Friends in Low Places, Investigative Committee, Scientific Research, and/or one reckless interrupt (done)
10. Destiny (done)
11. Dee’s "Fast Learner" (done)
12. All players play skill cards into the check, in player order, starting left of the current player. Probation may be triggered by the President (done)
13. Chief’s "Blind Devotion" (done)
14. Shuffle Cards (done)
15. Reveal Cards (done)
16. Six’s "Human Delusion" (done)
17. Cally’s "Quick Fix" (done)
18. Red Tape, Trust Instincts, Protect the Fleet, Broadcast Location, By Your Command, Special Destiny (done)
19. Trigger Consequences (done)
20. Total Strength, taking into account Establish Network and Adama's "Inspirational Leader" (done)
21. Declare Emergency (done)
22. Determine and Process Outcome, taking into account Iron Will (done)
23. Adama’s "Command Authority" (done)
24. Discard Cards (done)
25. Activate Cylon Ships (done)
26. Process FTL Icon (done)
27. Discard Crisis Card (done)

New loyalty cards
- Treachery Cards (done)
- Centurion placement (done)
- Decrease Jump Track by 2 (done)
- Stand and Fight (done)
- Sacrifice (done)
- Devastation (done)
- Acquire Power (done)
- Use Caution (done)
- Selfish (done)
- Self-Destruction (done)
- Political Intrigue (done)

New quorum cards
- Assign Chief of Staff (done)
- Civilian Self Defense (done)
- Consult the Oracle (done)
- Enact Production Quotas (done)
- Eulogy (done)
- Execute Prisoner (done)
- Probation (done)
- Resources for Galactica (done)
- Unsavory Connections (done)
- Resignation (done)
- Presidential Order (done)
- Establish Dogville (done)
What is this?
This is my try at making an online version of everybody's favorite board game.

To avoid infringing on any IP-rights the game might look different, but be assured the gameplay, the flow of the game and the rules should all be the same.

To get started log in, head over to the Recruiment forum and start or sign up for a game.

Want to help? Send me a private message in which you describe what you can do - I espcially need help with updating graphics and legal advise.
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